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CEO Clubs of America has partnered with LORMAN Educational Services.

Since 1987 when Lorman held its first continuing education seminar, Lorman seminars have kept business and professionals who serve them, current in the rapidly changing regulatory environment.  Lorman understands your need for concise, accurate and timely information.

Lorman seminars provide you current information on the rules, regulations and best practices that impact the success of your business or the business of your clients.

Lorman's partnership with CEO Clubs provides our Premium Members a 15% Discount on anything LORMAN.  The discount is shown on our private webpage, however for the discount to be applied please use code J4572682 when checking out.  Also if you call into Lorman be sure to tell the Lorman Representative at 866-352-9539 you are a HONCHOS member and your code is J4572682 and you will receive the 15% discount.

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Lorman Specialties: 

Education, Training, Seminars, Teleconferences, Webinars, On Demand Learning, Online Learning, Books, CDs.

Wharton University of Pennsylvania offers many programs that CEO Clubs of America members can apply for.

One of their programs is Business Strategy & Operational Execution: BSOE

Bridging the Divide, take a look at the brochure below for more information on this program.


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