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Kevin Dunn, Executive Director, has spent nearly 20 years in the association management, Healthcare, telemarketing, administrative management, and call center industries. Mr. Dunn is a successful entrepreneur whose sole focus has been on creating effective and successful sales and marketing organizations, imple

menting product sales and service programs, tracking product performance, developing and implementing cross-selling initiatives, and generally moving companies from “in the box” thinking to “out of the box” thinking.

Mr. Dunn spent more than eight successful years as head of sales for Summit Health Administrators, Inc., during which he had managed and sold more than $100 million in insurance sales through 100+ call center sales agents.  Following Summit, Mr. Dunn became President of CrossWalk Holdings, Inc. which worked with many of today’s largest telemarketers, third-party payors, hospital delivery systems, IPAs, multi-specialty groups, reinsurers, insurance agencies, and Medicaid & Medicare entities.

Mr. Dunn has also managed and developed a 100-person outbound/inbound enrollment and sales call center, and has managed or sold more than $500,000,000 in sales through these efforts. He has developed large-scale distribution programs with agents and call centers, as well as nationwide marketing campaigns and marketing outreach programs through agents, brokers, and call centers.

Mr. Dunn’s goal is to build 100 chapters for CEO Clubs in the US within the next five years, making it the preeminent Entrepreneur Organization in North America as well as to extend CEO Club’s reach into other areas of the world.

Kathy Aber, Executive Director , has a successful 20-year track record in career growth within Account Management, Administrative Membership, Billing Management, and Association marketing in Healthcare and Entrepreneurial association management. She also has extensive expertise working with executives and technology departments to create membership programs, billing programs, reporting systems, web sites, e-commerce, and organic lead generation.

Ms. Aber is currently the Executive Director for CEO Clubs of America. She worked for eight years within various PPO and managed care organizations. Ms. Aber handled account management within those health care-related companies with a personal book of business reaching $5 million undefined all the while managing departments and overseeing all functions of management with groups of 10 account managers and combined financial responsibilities of $50 million.

Ms. Aber moved to CrossWalk Holdings, Inc. where she advanced to Vice President of Operations overseeing Account Management, Marketing Development, Claims Processing, and obtained a Call Center Operation. She monitored random calls to improve quality minimize errors and tracked performances while implementing both an IVR and CRM systems for tracking call volume, hold times, monitoring, voice recordings, and monitoring calls.   Kathy implemented a billing and enrollment system to track history of membership with all clients, and all operating systems, policies and procedures within the company. The implementation and development were improvements in order to achieve the overall goals of the company. Liaises with executive staff, team leaders and third parties to gather and maintain information and resolve issues. Kathy provides leadership and management to associates, with coaching and motivating to retain staff and to build the “best in class” process, people and technology that delivers profitable service delivery with organic and outsourced resources.  Kathy holds a B.S. in Management from Bloomfield College, and a current Health and Life Insurance license.


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