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 Frequently Asked Questions

Does the CEO Club have an international chapter?

Yes, we have extensive international chapters in China, India, Dubai, Greece, Romania, Australia Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippine. The CEO Club International handles all International Chapters.

 Can I attend a CEO Club meeting as a guest?

However, there is a guest fee for the drinks and lunch. You must be prepaid, as we do not accept registration payments at the door. The morning session of the Club meetings consists of private roundtables which you can participate in and then you can join the group for drinks, lunch and the guest speaker in the afternoon.

I understand the CEO Club sponsors a number of national events. Can you describe these programs?

(See the Events section for more information.)


From time to time, the CEO Club conducts special events for the benefit of its members. These events vary as to purpose and place. Past examples include Joe Batten's one-day seminar on "Tough-Minded Team Building," Zig Ziglar's sales and golf tournament and Joe Sugarman's four-day Marketing Workshop. We work with several other entrepreneurial groups as well.

Why is the CEO Clubs a non-profit association and exactly what does that mean?

CEO Clubs is member based and supported by its members. The association does not seek grants, gifts or government support. The CEO Clubs are charted as schools under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. This means that gifts they receive are tax deductible to the donor. As a school or college, the associations do not always seek to maximize profits but to return any excess to the member as increased benefits.

Can I get some information about the CEO Club and the Entrepreneurial option?

Yes. First send us your name, phone number and address, including your email address. We will send you an invitation to one of our upcoming events. Also, you can view our Online Application.

Can I come to the offices and speak to a representative about the CEO Clubs?

We have an office in New Jersey and coming to the office isn't nearly as effective as coming to one of the regional CEO Club meetings.

 How often is your website updated?

Major changes on the website usually take place on a bi-monthly basis.

 May I fax or e-mail a press release for the newsletter?

Yes, send any press release to:

Do you accept article submissions from freelancers for your CEO Club Publications section?

Yes. Send articles to Only electronic submissions are accepted.

Please be advised that the CEO Clubs does not pay for content. Full credit is given to authors for accepted article contributions.

I'd like to reach your membership as our services are directed at Executives and CEOs. Can I advertise in your newsletter or on your website?

Yes, we off a sponsorship program on both a national and regional level as well as we do allow advertising in the bi-monthly CEO Newsletter. 

Are their Refunds?

No refunds will be made available after 7 days once someone enrolls.

Can I pay for my membership with a bank transfer?

CEO Clubs accepts membership payments by check and credit card as well as ACH.

How does my company become a CEO Clubs benefit provider?

CEO Clubs strives to provide useful benefits to the executives and entrepreneurs that make up our membership base. Companies should submit a brief written proposal to CEO Clubs.


How can I learn more about CEO Clubs?

Our website has the most complete and up-to-date source of information on member benefits, events, services, resources, local Honchos networks, etc.

How can I submit a calendar listing to the CEO Clubs website?

CEO Club’s members can list events by logging on to this website and using the form in the Calendar of Events section. If you are not a CEO Clubs member, please send your event listing to: .We reserve the right to edit or reject all calendar items at our discretion.

Why am I unable to login?

Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. If you included capital letters in your username or your password you will need to type them in exactly the same. Passwords are protected by the web-site you will need to request a new one using your email address.

Can I certify my business with CEO Clubs as minority or woman-owned?

SDB (Small Disadvantaged Business) certification information and applications are available through the U.S. Small Business Administration. Online access is available through Information about minority-owned business certification can be found through the National Minority Supplier Development Council ( For information about women-owned business certification, we recommend the Women's Business Enterprise National Council at

What kind of mentor opportunities does CEO Clubs offer members?

CEO Clubs does have mentoring programs on the national level through the Hope Collection. To investigate local mentoring opportunities, go to or e-mail

What are your business hours?

The office is open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time.  begin_of_the_skype_highlightingHowever, like most CEOs we are always open at all hours to business.

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