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Social Media 


This Ceo Clubs Learning Center unit examines the nature of social marketing and how the adoption of marketing concepts, frameworks and techniques developed for commercial marketers can be applied to the solution of social problems. Primarily, social marketing aims to effect behavioral change in the pursuit of social goals and objectives, as opposed to financial or other objectives.


 Social Marketing Course.pdf




Your Web Guide Course



This unit provides information and advice on how to make effectice use of the Internet, covering the basic skills required for using web-based resources. Subjects covered in this unit inclub web browsers, the main features of a browser window, looking at websites, using hyperlings, searching for information on the Internet, copying text, avoiding computer viruses, using PDFs. 


Using the Web Course.pdf



 Equity Finance Guide



This unit looks at equity finance – the range of equity instruments and markets available to a company. First, we look at private equity and the role of venture capital companies that provide such finance. We look at the mechanics of an initial public offering (IPO) and at recent cases of companies ‘listing’ on a stock exchange for the first time.


Equity Finance Course.pdf


Product Services & Branding Guide 


In this unit you will find out about how organizations manage their products and services. This will include learning about how new products are developed and how the existing portfolio of offerings is managed. The particular characteristics of service products will be explained so that you understand the impact that these features have on how services are managed.


Products Services Course.pdf 

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a difficult business. It's full of misinformation and snake oil salesmen. SEO businesses are 80% scam, so if you hire someone to do it for you, you've got a one in five chance of things working out. Therefore, in order to get  your website on the web so it generates the type of traffic to it that you are looing for you need to understand the basics of SEO.


Search Optimization for Beginners.pdf


Internet Marketing Traffic Guide



 There are a number of common business models that you can use in your business, whether you are an Internet marketer or whether you run a more traditional business. Some are better suited to certain business types, but as a general overview here are the popular models of business used within the Internet marketing industry.



Internet Marketing Traffic Guide.pdf


Facebook Marketing

Gimme the big picture!

Facebook 101: A Simple Guide to Understanding When & How to Use Basic Features

On Serch Engine Land, Greg Finn breaks down the different aspects of Facebook such as Profiles, Groups, Pages, Places, and Events.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing.pdf



Entrepreneurial Behavior Guide


Entrepreneurs may be broadly defined as people who manage a business with the intention of expanding that business by applying some form of innovation with the leadership and managerial capacity for achieving their goals, generally in the face of strong competition from other firms, large and small. The overall aim of this unit, therefore is to provide you with opportunities to consider and reflect on the personal aspects involved in transforming an innovation idea into an entrepreneurial product.


 Entrepreneurial Behavior Course.pdf


Linked Inc.

How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business


...a social network for professionals who are looking to promote both themselves and their companies. Developed specifically for business, you don't run the rish of blurring your professional life with you private one. LinkedIn offers an amazing opportunity to generate new leads - you can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals who can help you accomplish your goals and grow your business.


 Linked In Guide.pdf



OPEN Forum-Local Marketing

One way to improve the odds of appearing on the first page of a targeted search is to add your full address to each page of your website. Search engines make selections based on keywords and combinations of keywords. Since you business's town and state or zip code will likely be tyed into a local search, full contact information appearing repeatedly across your site's page will help improve your search ranking.

OPEN Forum-Local Marketing.pdf

Web Design for Dummies

Basic Web Design Tips

When designing web pages, you need to think visually. A web site designed with a good balance of graphics and text is pleasing to the eye, attracts viewer attention, and holds it. Good web design relies on the artist - in this case, you- following certain design principles:

  • Design the web page interface to fit within...

Web Design For Dummies.pdf

CMO Council

The Social Consumer Brand Compatibility Model Matchmaking Comes To Marketing: Social Media Insights Find the Right Fit Among Brands, Audience Types, and Channels.

CMO Council Social-brand-consumer-brand-compatibility-model.pdf

CMO Council

Based on our research, the front line values the materials that marketing produces and provides. The drive for more - including everything from product brochures, display units, and product information sheets, samples and price sheets-continues to make it critical to have these consumables...

CMO Council

As the global financial crisis and US credit rating downgrade take grip, banks of all sizes are challenged to leverage and activate custom media channels to reassure, engage, inform, advise, and notify customers, stakeholders, and investors. Quick response to ever-changing conditions and market gyrations requires nimble content provisioning and adapt...

CMO Council- Delivering Positive Impressions.pdf

Marketing Glossary

The most up to date terms and definitions for Internet Marketing.

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