CEO Clubs
of America

First and foremost, because each member has the experience of running their own business, we can quickly become your informal, yet vitally important Trusted Board of Advisors. 

You don’t know many of us very well yet, but you will shortly … and when you do, you’ll want us to be your sounding board and your support system.

We represent a wide variety of industries and professions and, together, we assimilate a vast amount of experience, expertise, knowledge, contacts and resources undefined ALL of which will be readily available to you and at your disposal when you become a member of CEO CLUBS.

At our CEO Roundtable & Webinar meetings, we operate like a private and exclusive Think Tank. We help each other solve problems and challenges in our businesses –  sometimes just with a name and phone number (referral), sometimes by information and knowledge passed between two members, and sometimes with an all-out mastermind brainstorming session involving the entire group undefined and everything in between

And, here’s the cool part!  In the process of helping each other solve problems, each of us learns how to solve the challenges we face in our own business!

CEO CLUBS attracts a unique kind of individual. You’ll find that everyone is passionate about their own business undefined and passionate about helping YOU grow yours!  And we have a BLAST doing it! And along the way, incredible friendships are made (not just superficial contacts). It is Networking at the highest level! 

As a member you will be entitled to:

  • Participate in all of the roundtable meetings and events
  • We host 5 forums meetings annually 
  • Several Social Mixers, Trips and Networking Events
  • World Class Speakers
  • Roundtable Mastermind Discussions
  • CEO Clubs Learning Center and its extensive Library
  • Interactive Back Office Directory and communicate with other members in privacy.
  • A Member Biography Page
  • Courses, Videos, Webinars, Talks & Business Resources…All at your fingertips!
  • Benefits & Services including A Comprehensive Healthcare Discount Program for every Member and their employees.
  • Major Discounts on most business services including, HealthCare, Legal, Bookkeeping, Merchant Banking, IT and Administration Services.
  • Travel Programs including Business Workshops and meeting Economic and Entrepreneurial Development Governmental Agencies from other Countries including China.
  • The CEO Clubs Book Store and Newsletter
  • Participation in Annual World Forum

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